Is it not sometimes breathtaking to watch a celebrity like Katy Perry perform on stage? What’s more, such celebrities give body fitness and weight management a whole new meaning.

As it happens, apple cider vinegar (ACV) is one of the remedies to thank for such ‘cool’ fitness benefits. This is a remedy that has traditionally found a place in both meals and medicine uses.

ACV can be used externally to improve skin conditions such as ringworm and acne. It can also be used in raw forms and added to water to make a detox drink. In fact, it is one of the best solutions to rapid weight loss and healthy lifestyle.

In this article, we will look at the benefits as well the different ways you can detox with apple cider vinegar. One or two general tips on how to detox your body will be touched on.

What is apple cider vinegar detox?

Apple cider vinegar detox is a drink made by mixing raw ACV with a liquid such as water or a fruit juice. A couple of other ingredients that we will discuss here can also be added to improve on the flavor or on the benefits.

The detox drink has been touted as the perfect remedy to get rid of stubborn fats that have accumulated for long. It is also said to work on situations where other traditionally fat burners have failed to work.

The main reason as to why ACV is preferred is due to its anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits. The remedy is also a notable anti-inflammatory remedy and is considered as a potential anti-oxidant. These are substances that fight free radicles, which by definition are body toxins.

The good thing is that you can easily come up with many affordable apple cider vinegar detox diet recipes. In fact, experts advice that more than one recipe be tried for better and maximum results.

Benefits of detox apple cider vinegar diet

Since most benefits of detox ACV drink revolve around the benefits of the pure product itself, we will mainly focus on the potential ACV health benefits. They include:

Helps burn fat
ACV is an appetite suppressant. Taking it some half an hour before a meal ensures that no more than necessary portions of food are consumed. This is a classic way of burning extra fat cells without necessarily having to deal with biting hunger. Weight loss apps can prove an important integration of a weight loss regime using ACV.

Improves blood sugar
Insulin is the hormone that mainly manages the levels of active sugar in the blood. In the advent of low carbs in the body, the levels of insulin are known to drop, and in the process lowered active sugar in the blood. As an appetite suppressant, ACV will help you attain just that.

Improves cholesterol
There are two main forms in which cholesterol is stored in the body. One form is considered the good type while the other is associated with all sorts of health issues, including stroke and heart attacks. Studies suggest that ACV detox recipe may lower the bad type and increase the good type.

Promotes flat belly
Taking ACV in detox drinks is a very effective way to get rid of belly fat. Belly fat results from excess glucose which gets converted into inert fats and stored as an energy source for future uses.

Reduces inflammations
Including cancerous tumors, ACV may help in inhibiting the rate at which inflammations occur and develop in the body. As you may have heard, inflammatory disorders account for a very large number of annual health related deaths.

Improves blood pressure
Disorders in blood pressure are one of the factors that encourage inflammations and skin bloating. By aiding in blood sugar management, apple cider vinegar detox drug detox drinks and pills are able to improve on the condition.

Kills disease causing agents
Bacteria and viruses account for the most dangerous and common infections today. As it happens, ACV can kill or control both.

How to detox with apple cider vinegar detox drink recipes

Let’s now look at ways in which you can detox with apple cider vinegar drinks and recipes:

ACV with lemon
This is perhaps the most beneficial and most affordable ACV detox recipe. Four main ingredients will be needed;

  • ACV (1 Tbsp) – we have already discussed the benefits of detox recipes and drinks containing this as the main ingredient.
  • Cinnamon (1/2 tsp) – it is a very potent anti-oxidant. In fact, the product can prove very beneficial in fighting and managing the symptoms and effects of diabetes.
  • Lemon juice (1-2 Tbsp) – it promotes balanced body PH. As you may have heard, diseases develop best in acidic body environments. In fact, you may want to learn on ways that you can promote body alkalinity as a part of general body health regime. The juice is also rich in vitamin C, a disease fighting vitamin.
  • Cayenne pepper (pinch) – it is a metabolism booster. Some studies have also linked it to better performing blood pressure.

To make the best ACV detox weight loss drink out of this products, mix all the ingredients in the bracketed amounts in 1 glass of water. Ensure that the mixture has been stirred appropriately. About an hour before meals, take the drink, thrice a day for 2 weeks. After that, you can take it twice, in the morning and mid-day. You can try ACV weight loss shakes, for the taste of raw ACV is not that great.

Other apple cider vinegar detox weight loss recipes

Other apple cider vinegar detox recipes for weight loss that you can try include:

  • ACV (1 Tbsp) + cranberry juice (½ cup) + some lime mixed in a glass of water
  • ACV (1Tbsp) + apple juice (1 cup) + avocado (2Tbsp) + some ice mixed in a glass of water
  • ACV (1 Tbsp) + green tea (1 cup) + mint + honey

There are over 20 different recipes of ACV detox weight loss that you can try. If consuming raw ACV doesn’t work for you, you can always come up with a smoothie, which tastes much better. Some considers better tasting remedies to use with ACV such as raspberry ketone supplement.

How to detox with apple cider vinegar detox

We may have dedicated too much attention on the benefits and how to make ACV drinks and forgotten to touch on how to detox with remedy.
As mentioned earlier, ACV is both beneficial when taken orally and when used directly on the skin. Here are ways you can use ACV to detox:

Use in drinks
ACV is acidic. For this reason, always ensure that more than more than 2 Tbsps have not been used in a glass of water. In fact, start with 1 Tbsp.

More than that can cause damage to teeth and the esophagus. Too much of it can also cause side effects related to blood sugar and heart disorders. Be careful when using metformin weight loss related products. It may also promote weak bones when used in long-term.

Use in face washes
ACV can be used in a face wash, to improve on the conditions of facial skin. It is known to get rid of scars and acne. Use about 2 Tbsp of ACV in every cup of face wash water you will be using. It is very corrosive, so you may want to test it first before using on your face. Ensure that it doesn’t get into your eyes.

Use in baths
For skin improvements or to treat skin infections, one cup of quality raw ACV should be added to bath water and left to settle for about twenty minutes. The bath can be taken two times in a week for best results.

Final thoughts
Apple cider vinegar is a great remedy, both for weight loss and for health benefits.

However, a single food, supplement or pill can never be depended upon for long-term and significant weight loss effects.

Ensure that a healthy diet and a workout schedule have been taken advantage as part of weight loss and health promotion. You may also want to find more on topics such as what is forskolin, is garcinia cambogia effective, does raspberry ketone work and such. They are all related to weight loss and what we have been discussing here.

Remember than online information should not be used as the final source of information on which medical decisions will be based on. Where complications are involved, always consult your doctor.